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We are all about supporting our local South African businesses and shops. That is why we created VendorBuy an online platform from which you can sell your products. Whether you are operating from your garage or have an established store, you can open your online store on VendorBuy.

Our goal is to create a central online marketplace from which South African’s across the country can support each other from the comfort and safety of their homes. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 and the effect that the Nationwide lockdown had on our economy it has become vital for South African’s to help and support each other.

The online marketplace encourages and promotes the growth of local businesses to contribute positively to the economy. VendorBuy provides a great opportunity for local artists, craftsmen and manufacturers to build and grow a business around their skills.

Vendors are specifically selected to provide online shoppers with a wide variety of products within various categories to choose from. We try our very best to only provide high quality products from trusted vendors to ensure both the vendor and shopper is satisfied with their shopping and selling experience.


Become a vendor and start selling your products today! It’s quick, easy and most importantly free to get started

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Why Shop on VendorBuy?

When you shop on VendorBuy you are directly supporting a proudly South African Brand. We are all about support our local businesses and communities!