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If you are located within 100km of Pretoria and selling locally manufactured items you can open your store on VendorBuy.



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Join South Africa’s NEW & GROWING Online Marketplace. Start your own online store and benefit from a new source of exposure.

Vendor Benefits

There are great benefits from which you can take advantage of when becoming a vendor on VendorBuy.


There is NO Sign Up or Monthly fee required to become a vendor. You only need to be located within 100km of Pretoria.

Own Storefront & Dashboard

You will get your own storefront displaying all your products. You will also get your own dashboard from which you will be able to manage your store.

Reach Customers Easier & Nationwide:

Make it easier for your customers to place an order and see all you have to offer. You can also reach potential new customers Nationwide.

Need more…

When an order is placed via the VendorBuy website we will arrange to pick-up the order from the Vendor or at a designated Pick-up point within 1-2 days after a successful order has been made.

Once we have collected all the items from the vendor/s we will ship the package. Not only will this help keep shipping cost low but customers that ordered from multiple vendors will receive their complete order.

Upload as many products as your heart desires! All we ask is that your products are well made and well presented. Make sure your product is displayed in a clean and distraction free setting

From the comfort of your own private dashboard you will be able to keep track of all your orders. All orders will be listed for your convenience.

We will  provide you with  step by step guides to help you setup and manage your store.

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How Do Vendors Get Paid?

No hidden costs! With a small commission and set payout times you will always know where you stand!