For The Vendor

We hope you find the awnsers you are looking for, if not simply ask it below!

Selling products on VendorBuy

Befor you can start selling your products on VendorBuy you will need to apply te become a Vendor.

Once your application has been approved, you as a Vendor will haveyour own storefront and access to your own store dashboard. From the dashboard you will be able to personalize your storefornt, upload & edit your products and keep track of your orders and commission status.

Why sell on VendorBuy?

Get exposure to thousands more potential customers. Reach customers nationwide. Shoppers buy directly from you, so you can set your own prices and control what you sell.

Online Shopping is becoming more popular and the preferred method of shopping, especially after the recent pandemic outbreak.

What are the store features

1. Own Store front – Can be personalised with your logo, banner & short description.
2. Links to your social media profiles.
3. Own store dashboard – upload & manage your products, Keep track of your orders, review stats such as payout status & manage overall store settings.

Who has control over my store

You have complete control over your store. However VendorBuy has a dedicated admin and tech team to ensure only quality products are published.

You are not tied to any contract or monthly subscription.

How do I upload products

You can upload your products through your dedicated store dashbaord. Once your vendor application has been approved you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to upload your products.

What is the product criteria?

In order for us to make sure we provide quality products for our shoppers, products will be reviewed by our admin team before being published.

Please pay special attention to the quality of your product images, as the product image can make or break the sale.

The following list of products are also not allowed: Certain Types of Food (Easily Perishable),
Alcohol – Not crafted, or licensed by the direct seller.
Pornographic Material.
Weapons that requires a licenses to own or operate.

*Please contact us if you are unsure whether or not your products can be sold on our site.

How do I know when I have an order?

Once a shopper has purchased one of your products you will be notified via email. You can also check the order details from your store dashboard.

How do I process the order?

Check the order details from your store dashboard, once you have shipped the order make sure to send your customer the relevant tracking details either via email. Once you have shipped the order simply mark the order as shipped from your dashboard.

How does shipping work?

Each vendor is in control of their own shipping. Vendor’s are able to set a default shipping fee that will automatically apply to all their products, or they can set individual shipping fees for each product. Please note commission is NOT deducted from the shipping fee.

Please note vendors that do provide custom, handmade products should clearly state the shipping times on each product.

All products must be shipped from within South Africa, we do NOT support dropshipping stores.

Returns & Exchanges

Please note commission on orders made are NOT refundable.Vendor’s are responsible to settle refunds and exchanges with the customer.

VendorBuy will assist in resolving disputes however we can not be held liable for refunds requested by Customers due to bad customer service, faulty or incorrect products or lack of customers receiving their orders.

How to prevent Refunds /Exchanges
  • Make sure to clearly state product’s shipping times, especially if the product is made to order.
  • Communicate with your customer, once you have shipped the product make sure to send them the tracking code. If the order is taking a bit longer than expected make sure to contact your customer and let them know.
  • Make sure the product you are shipping are in good condition and well-packed.
  • Make sure product order and the product being shipped are the same, and double check the shipping address.

  • Commission

    We only ask a small commission fee of 14% + R0.40 for each product sold.

    Why Pay Commission
  • Maintaining and ensuring the site runs smoothly and securely.
  • Covering general administrative costs.
  • Covering site marketing costs to attract potential customers.
  • How does the commission system work?

    Once a customer pays for his/her order the commission gets automatically deducted. You as the Vendor will receive an email notification of each new order. Each notification will indicate the order details and the commission amount. The commission amount and payout status will display on our store dashboard.

    When will you receive your payment?

    Vendors will receive the payment of all their orders every second and or last Friday of a month. Only cleared Customer Payments will be included at the time of Payouts, if payment clears after payout time it will be included in the next scheduled payout.

    How does the payout system work?

    Once an order has been successfully placed the payment goes directly into the secure VendorBuy PayFast or Bank account. Payouts will be made directly to the Bank details provided on the Vendor’s Store Profile.

    Why are payouts only every 2 weeks?

    Payout will happen every second and last Friday of a month, in order for us to keep transaction fees as low as possible. Lower transaction fees means we are able to keep our commission as low as possible.

    For The Shopper

    We hope you find the awnsers you are looking for, if not simply ask it below!

    Who are the Vendors

    Local South African businesses and shops.

    Why shop from VendorBuy?

    Our goal is to create a central online marketplace from which South African’s across the country can support each other from the comfort and safety of their homes.

    The online marketplace encourages and promotes the growth of local businesses to contribute positively to the economy.

    Are the Vendors trusted?

    Vendors are specifically selected to provide online shoppers with a wide variety of products within various categories to choose from. We try our very best to only provide high quality products from trusted vendors to ensure both the vendor and shopper is satisfied with their shopping and selling experience.

    What are condition of the products

    We do not currently support the “thrift” or second-hand shop module. Most of our Vendors offers New or Custom handmade items. Thus we believe all products sold are new and unused. If however you find this not to be the case please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

    How to place an order?

    Simply select an item that you like and click on the “ADD TO BASKET” button. Once you have selected all the items you desire head over to you basket and enter your billing and shipping details.

    If you would like to arrange any custom work relating to your order simply add it in the order notes.

    Once all the field have been filled in simply select your desired payment method and click “PLACE ORDER”

    Can I order from multiple stores?

    YES you can! However please take note each store has their own shippingfees and store policies. Since you are shopping directly from the Vendor.

    Who is in control of the shippping?

    Each Store/Vendor is in control of their own product’s shipping and shipping fees, thus items ordered from multiple store’s might not always arrive on the same day.

    What are the shipping fees?

    Each store has their own set shipping fees. Thus make sure to checkout the store shipping when selecting an item.

    Can I track my order?

    Currently we do not offer online tracking services, however if the store didn’t send any tracking details via email, please request your tracking details from the store.

    When can I request a refund or exchange

    It’s important to note that VendorBuy is simply the platform
    that connect you with the vendor. However if you never received your order please contact us so we can make arrangements with the Vendor.

    If you would like to return or exchange your item because it is faulty or incorrect you will need to arrange the return or exchange directly with the Vendor. Please make sure to read each store’s own return and shipping policy.

    Who is in control of refunds / exchanges?

    Vendors are directly responsible for refunds or exchanges. However VendorBuy will assist in resolving any disputes between customers and Vendors, we VendorBuy can not be held laible for any refunds or exchanges requested by customers.

    I never received my order, what now?

    We hope this never happens! However if it does please contact us immediatly and wecontact the Vendor to try and resolve this as soon as possible. Please make sure to take note of each vendor/store’s shipping times especially if the product you ordered are being custom made.