Verified Vendor

Become a verified vendor, make more sales and pay lower commission.

Benefits of a verified vendor

  • Your products will be displayed on our Facebook & Instagram Shop.
  • Verified Stores will be listed higher on the Store Page
  • Verified vendor’s products will be sued in boosted marketing material and the majority of Social Media Posts.
  • Lower commission rates the more sakes you make.

how to Become a verified vendor

  • A link to your VendorBuy store must display on at least 1 of your social media platforms, whether in the bio or the dedicated link space.
  • Complete at least 5 successful sales through VendorBuy. (Seperate orders)
  • Completed Vendor Profile and Store settings. (Shipping Fee’s, Shipping and return Policy’s etc…)

How does the Verified Commission Rates Work

Please note rates are calculated on a per month basis. Thus on the first day of each month the applicable commission rate will be activated for the new month.

The privious month’s sales will determine the new months commission rates.

What is the verieifed commission rates?

  • 5 Sales = 12% commission
  • 10 Sales = 10% Commission
  • 15 Sales = 8% Commission
  • 20+ Sales = 6% Commission
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